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Why I Don't play Covers in Bars 

On a nearly weekly basis someone asks me as to why I don’t play cover songs in bars as opposed to original songs at listening rooms. And more often than I can count I’ve been asked by owners to play at their establishments,,, three hours for ‘good money’…but playing songs people know and what to hear. I actually end up refusing more jobs than I accept simply for the reason that…I don’t do covers. I’m a songwriter..artist..performer… whatever you want to call it.. who simply finds satisfaction in creating and performing my own music.
I have nothing bad to say about those performers who make their profession performing covers for people in bars and restaurants. I even support them locally when possible by attending, and listening, to their performances, even if few of them return the favor. I even did it for a while when I needed extra money when I went back to school. But what I learned is that I was nothing more than background music…nobody really listened…and a few politely applauded after some songs, but when asked, most couldn’t recall more than one or two songs that were played. As a songwriter, this simply did not fill my need to connect to an audience.
This is nothing new…I’ve done this all my life. I played in once cover band when I first learned guitar..and hated it…it didn’t satisfy me just as I preferred my own art to the Reader’s Digest covers most thought was good art. Eventually I had enough nerve to say the hell with it and go the original route. It isn’t an easy ting to do, especially if you try to compete with cover artists in areas that prefer that type of entertainment.
There are many positive things about performing original songs. For one, you don’t have to compete with the cutthroat bar performers who protect their territory with a vengeance. You also don’t have to spend hours learning the hundreds of songs that people expect you to play.
Most of all, you get to play to an audience that actually listens to, and appreciates, original music. Granted, these venues and these audiences are more difficult to find that the corner bar, but well worth the effort. And you may not play every weekend, but the times you do play to an appreciative, attentive audience is well worth the satisfaction you walk away with at the end of your set.
And if you have the talent and ambitions, you will find places like Club Passim in Harvard Square and The Bluebird Café in Nashville where this love of original music thrives. If you haven’t reached that level yet, many local open mics encourage original music, just be prepared to compete with the talking crowds. 


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  • Debbie

    Debbie North Adams

    I'm wishing you the best of luck and hope Nashville knows what a great new artist they are getting. May all the shows you do down South have reviews that are talked about for months.
    I'm wishing you the best of luck and hope Nashville knows what a great new artist they are getting. May all the shows you do down South have reviews that are talked about for months.

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