"...Because make no mistake, "texas, etc..." is brilliant...mammoth, sprawling, clever, bleak, and brilliant...that's these 20 songs in six words..." 
Andy Thorley at Maximum Volume Music, UK


"...A (release)  that puts in the foreground a musician who has found with this new band the right measures and the maturity necessary to establish itself as one of the most interesting names of the 'American' panorama of these years...."  

Remo Ricaldone at Lone Star Time

"....splendid new double album... compare favourably with the work of illustrious balladeers such as Guy Clark, Steve Earle and Townes van Zandt....  
Kevin Bryan,  Music Critic, UK

"....another gem... good songs and killing melodies ..it is something ...there is such a charm in  your music ...your voice turns everything in gold ..."                                                                                                          Mike Penard at ISA Radio, France

"...The beauty of the way Jeb packs his message, however, is just for the taking. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend this double! cd!  
Dani Heyvaert at Rootstime  

   :...Both albums are excellent but The Saintless is exceptional. ..I love listening again and again to ‘Southern Oak’..."  
Andy Snipper at MusicNews  

"...There’s nothing on this album that doesn’t need to be there and what’s on offer is                               damn good. .."      Tom Franks at FolkWords

"...simply wonderful...Not one bad track on it. I haven't said those words for a while...." 
Carl Spaul Radio/@FolkUnion 

“Great songs, and great double album, enjoyed listening to your music and will be playing more in the future for the listeners.” 
Ian’s Country Radio Show 

“..This double album draws on the Lone Star State's’  “red dirt Americana”  sound, focusing on sparse, acoustic music...They range from the slow smoldering opener, “Trouble Down In Tennessee” , the catchy “Chainsmoker”, and the bluegrassy “Keep The Devil Away”,  to softer numbers like “Home”, and “Evidence". "Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time” stands out for me, helped by the duet vocals from Heather Austin. “Southern Oak”, another of the ballads, was another highlight..."
Stewart Fenwick

"...Strangely addictive, and perfect for a ‘feet up’ late night listen in the La-Z-Boy.  Preferably, with a large glass of Bourbon.  **** "

Review by Pete Whalley